Friday, 17 February 2012

Springtime of blogging - don't fail me!

I can't wait until Springtime is here properly. 
Not only will it mean nicer weather for England but it also brings with it optimism that things can change, we can build things anew.

We only fail when we give up right?

I have things bubbling underneath the surface and i think this springtime will be the best one for many years. I'm slowly learning about blogging and i hope to keep this blog updated with all my progress as an illustrator and fashion fan. I still have so much to learn! 

So far the main points of blogging i have found are:




and good content appears to come from loving the subject your writing about and not being too self-indulgent. You do it because you love it and want to find others that love it to...Not because you want fawning fans that say amazing you are because you linked to an image they like. Good content comes from being an interesting person, from giving something thats useful to others and enjoying what your doing.

I'm a new blogger so i still have a lot to learn but this is something that i'm going to build this blog on.

To other bloggers out there....why do you blog?

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  1. I blog to keep track of all of my artsy projects and sort of to online journal with my life...and to meet a lot of great people. I think the big secret to blogging is to have a passion about what you are writing about...and have fun doing it.