Saturday, 4 February 2012

Saturday Links.

 I obsessive collect images. I'm proud of this and it has helped me immensely with various projects i've worked on. However...i have  A LOT of images.
So i figure i'll start sharing them on a Saturday when i do a lot of my internet wanderings.
Let me know if you like!

EDIT: You know how i just said this would make a beautiful pattern? I just found this vintage pattern!
    • In my new house i'd love to do this in our kitchen..
    • Please please please check out this vintage fashion blog. The images are gorgeous, especially if you love the 1920's/1930's and earlier. It's an age of beauty that i really respond well too and i'm so grateful for the nameless blogger for putting this blog together.
    • GORGEOUS photo! I adore the pose, the composition with the mirror and the positioning of her hand...All seamlessly show off that beautiful hat to perfection.
    • I found this and it was too funny not to share!


    • Finally...I want to make this photo into an illustration so badly! I can't do anything until Sunday! But what a great Sunday it's going to be!

    or maybe i'll do this one!! Same collection but with a bit more of the models face...
    The photos are from Vicky Tremblay | Patrice Massé for Elle (CA) November 2001 

    What do you guys think?

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    1. Beautiful pictures. I just saw your illustrations in Tumblr and I was blown away. :) You have talent!