Saturday, 18 February 2012

Heohwan : Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek of a couple of new illustrations for Amelia's Magazine from the designer Heohwan's show for New Yorks fashion week.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Prim and propah portrait

I recently created a fashion portrait for the lovely Amanda Davis for her fashion blog Prim and Propah
I'm wondering...Are other fashion bloggers interested in these types of portraits for blogs? Would you use one?

I will be creating one for myself soon but it's good to know what others think of them.

Springtime of blogging - don't fail me!

I can't wait until Springtime is here properly. 
Not only will it mean nicer weather for England but it also brings with it optimism that things can change, we can build things anew.

We only fail when we give up right?

I have things bubbling underneath the surface and i think this springtime will be the best one for many years. I'm slowly learning about blogging and i hope to keep this blog updated with all my progress as an illustrator and fashion fan. I still have so much to learn! 

So far the main points of blogging i have found are:




and good content appears to come from loving the subject your writing about and not being too self-indulgent. You do it because you love it and want to find others that love it to...Not because you want fawning fans that say amazing you are because you linked to an image they like. Good content comes from being an interesting person, from giving something thats useful to others and enjoying what your doing.

I'm a new blogger so i still have a lot to learn but this is something that i'm going to build this blog on.

To other bloggers out there....why do you blog?

Monday, 6 February 2012

The Tragic Sense

Check out her blog for more cute outfits. :)
I'm still experimenting with styles so let me know what you think. I kind of like the photo and illustration combination but i miss the spontaneous flourishes of using watercolour and ink. Hmm.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Fashion Portfolio Site


I will be posting all my fashion illustrations here on this blog and then transferring them at a later date to my Fashion Illustration Portfolio on Tumblr! So if anyone has a tumblr account and wants to follow the action, my address is

Pretty straight forward!

I think this will help people to find old images of mine they like and to see all my artworks at once.

I am a freelance illustrator but i don't want my blog to be all about my artworks which is why i think this is the best way forward as i update my blog more and more with other content. :)

Take care lovelies,


Saturday Links.

 I obsessive collect images. I'm proud of this and it has helped me immensely with various projects i've worked on. However...i have  A LOT of images.
So i figure i'll start sharing them on a Saturday when i do a lot of my internet wanderings.
Let me know if you like!

EDIT: You know how i just said this would make a beautiful pattern? I just found this vintage pattern!
    • In my new house i'd love to do this in our kitchen..
    • Please please please check out this vintage fashion blog. The images are gorgeous, especially if you love the 1920's/1930's and earlier. It's an age of beauty that i really respond well too and i'm so grateful for the nameless blogger for putting this blog together.
    • GORGEOUS photo! I adore the pose, the composition with the mirror and the positioning of her hand...All seamlessly show off that beautiful hat to perfection.
    • I found this and it was too funny not to share!


    • Finally...I want to make this photo into an illustration so badly! I can't do anything until Sunday! But what a great Sunday it's going to be!

    or maybe i'll do this one!! Same collection but with a bit more of the models face...
    The photos are from Vicky Tremblay | Patrice Massé for Elle (CA) November 2001 

    What do you guys think?