Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Ewan Mathers and Holly Booth are doing a fantastic job raising money for Children in need as well as supporting the local designers in Derby. 24Models 24Hours is the idea of photographing different models in a different in different locations wearing and being styled by different design teams. They said it was madness and i'm sure there was a lot of insanity along the way, but they managed to pull it off! The end result has been made into a book that will be sold and the money will be given to Children in need.

So far they are on £247.79!!
A documentary has been created that details the thoughts behind the project, interviewing the models and designers and letting them say what the project means to them. You can watch it here.


They will be holding a book launch event on Sunday 27th November at Fat Cat Café Bar in Derby (6.30pm), please come & join us for a celebratory '24' cocktail.

Now for todays outfit illustration!

Kate : Outfit In love with my scarf

Nights are getting darker earlier, it's cold outside and cosy inside and it's time to break out the scarves and gloves because winter is definitely here! :)


  1. ahhh I love them! Thanks so much, very pleased you chose to draw me!

  2. You are truly the most amazing illustrator! <3 I love the shot of your scarf!

    Lost in the Haze