Thursday, 26 July 2012

Calke Abbey Exhibition

Its been quite quiet here recently, I've been busy trying to learn how to create a website ( you can see my attempt here and creating work for a large exhibition i'm involved in at Calke abbey which is a gorgeous place to visit so much many taxidermied birds!
The house can be seen to be quite creepy as the Harpur-Crewes who owned and lived there for a good few hundred years were quite reclusive and had a interest in collecting unusual birds from around the world.

Whats left at Calke Abbey is what remains of their family house exactly as they left it once the last heir died. It's a time capsule that the National trust helps to keep.

Now, so not to give the game away too much, i'll post a few photos i've taken the the entrance and grounds of Calke...I'll be updating which sneak peeks of what i'll be showing with a full review of the show once we've begun on the first weekend of August!

For more information about the event at the moment, please check out our facebook event page here.

And this is inside the old riding school and is the space where we will be exhibiting our work!