Monday, 7 May 2012

Vintage Illustrations

Vintage models

Hi Everyone!
It's been quiet for a while but i've been busy working! Here's a some idea sketches I did for the very talented Bee Smith for her invitation designs.

Bee knew exactly what she wanted for her invites and I was so happy when she told me her idea. Vintage style illustrations (  Mad Men style ) with influences from David Downton and RenĂ© Gruau
Well, who am i to decline such an offer?! 
I had so much fun and these two artists inspire my work anyway s it was such a joy to do this project!

She'll be throwing a evening Hat Party where you can view her hats, sip some bubbles and generally have a great evening out! 
I would love to attend but alas i'm a bit too far away but if anyones in the Kingston area and you happen to love hats and all things vintage, be sure to check it out! Your sure to have a great time and meet some fantastic people! You can follow Bee on her blog as well.

Also! Check out how two of these sketches look all finished and taking pride of place on Bees invites!!

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  1. Oh WOW!! These are absolutely STUNNING! I am so blown away with these images - you did them yourself?!