Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bee Smiths Green Hat.

Now, i've been in a bit of a creative rut recently. it happens to the best of us but i'm getting a bit sick of it. So, to try and bump myself out of it, i've been looking for inspiration. And i found...
Bee Smith.

She creates some of the most beautiful and chic hats i've had the fortune to find. 
I had to draw one of them!

 Visit her site at
 You won't be disappointed! Her models are beautifully styled as well, its all a treat for the eyes!

Here's the original hat I found -I wanted to try something simple before attempting some of the more complicated designs. :)

Also, if you know of a fashion blogger whose style you think is amazing, let me know! 
I need to find some bloggers to draw!

Also, many thanks to Mik who commented on my last blog post with some very good advice. 
Thanks lovely! Sometimes I need a reminder! :)